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What We Do

                        Our philosophy is simple:

     Don't just do something better, do it differently.

Exceptionally creative and strategically disruptive; the goal isn't to fit into an industry--it's to redefine how others perceive your place within it.

The object of marketing surely is not to blend in--standing out is what gets noticed by consumers, but doing that in a way that also supports your vision takes more than throwing paint at the wall and calling it "art."

Every brand is telling a story--what is yours saying?

When it comes to semantics, we acknowledge that not all content is created coherently; we're not trying to be equal. Our standard is exceptional. 

Our premise for content is based off the feeling of reading an article that doesn't quite draw you to finish it--and knowing the moment that you find one that can. 

A wise self once said, "Be the thing that others want to copy, not the thing that's copying others"

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The Sami & Mike Company
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