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Manuscript to Print

You've done it. Congratulations! You finished and now your manuscript needs to be seen--read and enjoyed.

However, in order to have an audience, you must first have a platform of publishing.

We collaborate with an Amazon subsidiary to produce paperback books which can be purchased through Amazon and other retail outlets. You'll receive book royalties, discounted books for personal purchase, and an author page--All created for you by Meeüz.

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Print to ebook

Congratulations! You've released your first book--maybe it was through a traditional publisher or maybe it wasn't; either way, it is all the same to us-you're a writer now.

While having a print publication is certainly exciting, digital versions are far more accessible and potentially, more profitable in today's highly-technologic world.

We collaborate with an Amazon subsidiary to produce beautifully custom ebook which can be purchased through Kindle, Amazon and other online retail outlets. You have the option to provide your own cover art or we can cover that for you (see what we did there?).

As is customary, you'll receive royalties and be entered to earn more royalties per read if you opt into KDP Select™ An author page will also be created for your ebook if one does not yet exist--All created for you by Meeüz.

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You want an audiobook. People are always on the go and sitting down to read a good book is becoming a more rare occurrence among the younger generations that always seem to be on-the-go.

And then there are those who prefer to listen to a good story. Whichever demographic you would like to appeal to--we can create it. 

By collaborating with Audible, Meeüz will handing the negotiations and recruitment of a narrator that represents what you've envisioned. Meeüz will then produce your audiobook with your chosen narrator. Books under 100,000 words can be produced in 30 days. 

(Progression of Audiobook through Audible's QA after completion may vary. QA can occur as quickly as two weeks following submission.)

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